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Strengthening Cultures 

In our complex world, teams need to be high-performing, every employee needs to be engaged, and team dynamics need to be strong. Leaders can't cross their fingers and leave matters of culture to chance.

A dynamic speaker and seasoned leader, Marla leads team sessions -- online or in-person -- for large and small groups, focused on expanding the capabilities of your leaders. Focus areas include:

Emotional Intelligence for team success: High-performing teams require team members to have high levels of self-awareness and to manage emotions well. Marla will lead your team on an interactive exploration of what makes up Emotional Intelligence, and how E.I. can enhance team dynamics and increase performance. 

The Integrative Enneagram for team success: Marla will lead your team on an exploration of the Enneagram, a powerful, ancient tool of personality and core motivation, to help build greater team dynamics, strengthen relationships, and understand conflict styles. 

Strengthening communications: Strong communications accounts for a significant amount of team success. Marla will lead an interactive workshop, focused on creating strong key messages, tailoring content to core audiences, and presenting with confidence and executive presence.

Adaptive leadership in Tumultuous Times: Organizations need leaders and employees who have different behaviours and capabilities than the ones that worked in the past. Adaptive leaders have no choice but to navigate change and uncertainty, take advantage of new opportunities, and seize this era as a time for innovation and change -- rather than hunkering down and holding on to "the way we've always done it." Marla will help your team explore the capabilities they need to thrive in this complex era we live in.


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