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Learning Circles for Organizations

Mix and match from 18 courses to create customized training for your leaders.


Self-Leadership Focus:

Introduction to Self-Leadership

Self-leadership and self-awareness are critical elements in leadership development. Understanding who you are, and the characteristics of a strong self-leader will equip you to lead with self-awareness, authenticity and boldness.


Curiosity and Growth Mindset

The strongest leaders are curious leaders – passionate to keep learning, to understand new perspectives from their teams and colleagues, and committed to seeing opportunities even in the midst of struggles. We’ll discuss the ways that kneejerk judgments can get in the way of curious thinking, and explore specific tools to expand your growth mindset, to ensure your biases don’t get in the way of strong leadership.


Deepening Resilience

Some people bounce back quickly after adversity. For others, building resilience is harder. In this time of unprecedented stress, learn why leaders must invest in their own renewal, and learn new tools that will help you build greater resilience.


Emotional Intelligence 1

Emotional Intelligence is often touted as one of the most important characteristics of good leaders. Building on our EQ learnings from the Executive Presence module, we’ll go deeper on two key components of Emotional Intelligence – Self-Perception and Self-Expression – using the EQ-i 2.0 model. Gain a greater awareness of your own EQ, explore ideas to develop it, and learn why EQ is so critical for leaders, aspiring leaders and strong team players.


Emotional Intelligence 2

In this module, we’ll focus on three additional core components of Emotional Intelligence: Interpersonal Skills, Decision-Making and Stress Management. Build awareness and greater confidence in your EQ and explore ideas to develop your EQ in these categories


The Inner Critic

Each of us lives with an Inner Critic. If you’re like many people, your Inner Critic gets in the way of your living and leading well, keeps you playing small, and judges your every decision. In this module, you’ll find out what the Inner Critic is, begin to identify your own Inner Critic, consider when it’s most likely to show up for you, and learn ways to counteract its voice.


Team Leadership Focus:

Bold Conversations & Challenging Employees

The ability to have an honest yet difficult conversation is critical if you want to lead with integrity and grace. In this module, you’ll learn how to have bold conversations that will increase awareness and help modify behaviour, especially with challenging employees. Take home a useful template to help you prepare well for bold conversations.


Building Trust

Trust is the bedrock of strong relationships and a valuable currency for all leaders. Learn how to forge new habits that will help you build trust with your leader, peers, and staff, and identify behaviors you can start putting into practice today.


Hiring, Firing and Performance Management

There are fundamental skills in managing people that all leaders need to do well: hiring effectively, managing staff performance, and terminating wisely and sensitively. Sadly, leaders often learn these as they go, and miss essential elements that can protect them and their organization. Based on experience and best practices, we’ll explore these essentials. 


Managing Conflict

Conflict is inevitable, so how can we best manage the conflicts we find ourselves in and work toward best outcomes? Learn a simple and effective conflict management tool and take a brief self-assessment to help you understand your default conflict management style, and how you may need to flex in order to manage different forms of conflict.



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Team Leadership Focus (continued):

Navigating Toxic Cultures & Leaders

Toxicity in the workplace affects everyone. It negatively impacts productivity, performance and morale. In a word, it makes people miserable. How can we identify it and how might we manage through toxic situations? We’ll explore how to identify signs of workplace and leadership toxicity and how to effectively navigate it as leaders.


The Leader as Coach

The best leaders develop their people by helping them identify and build on their strengths and abilities, and then helping them move through challenges to realize their potential. Using a practical coaching model, we’ll explore the importance of inquiry, listening, and feedback, and how a coaching mindset can help you better influence and lead others.

Next-Level Leadership Focus:

Adaptive Leadership

In our fast-paced and rapidly changing times, it’s more essential than ever to approach life and work with adaptability. Learn and discuss the essential characteristics of adaptive leaders, and how you can begin to embrace change and lead even more adaptively.


Building Culture

Culture is the sum of an organization’s values, means of interaction, policies, beliefs and norms. If a leader is not intentional about building a strong culture, they will ‘get what they get.’ Since leaders at every level have the opportunity to positively influence culture, we’ll dig into key elements for building a culture that positively impacts people and organizations.


Executive Presence

Based on the concept of Executive Presence as a superpower, we’ll explore a model built around the acronym CAPE™: Communications, Actions, Polished Presence & Emotional Intelligence. Learn how to accelerate your impact and increase your self-awareness, skills and approach in all four categories.


High-impact Presentation Skills

Many people struggle to clarify their thoughts and present them in public – whether it’s a high-stakes one-on-one meeting, a group presentation, or a speech in front of thousands. We’ll explore the reasons your fears might feel paralyzing, and learn techniques to help you create a high-impact message and move your presentation skills from lackluster to exceptional.


Leading Through Change

Change is constant. Knowledgeable leaders understand the elements of change and can help guide their team through the change journey and positively impact their organization. Using a well-known change model, this session will provide an understanding of the change journey and offer powerful tools to help leaders manage through change.


Power, Influence & Accountability

There’s a key difference between power and influence, and good leaders know the difference and how to use both effectively. They also know the impact of effective accountability. Understand how to use your points of power in a healthy and productive way and how to use influence, delegation and healthy accountability to achieve strategic outcomes.



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