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Expanding Your Influence 

If you’re ready to take your leadership to the next level, Expanding Your Influence is for you.


About the modules:

Module 1: Power, Influence & Accountability

There’s a key difference between power and influence, and good leaders know what the difference is and how to use both effectively. They also know the impact of effective accountability. Understand how to use your points of power in a healthy and productive way and how to use influence, delegation and healthy accountability to achieve strategic outcomes.


Module 2: Executive Presence 

Based on the concept of Executive Presence as a superpower, we’ll explore a model built around the acronym CAPE™: Communications, Actions, Polished Presence and Emotional Intelligence. All four categories are essential for both seasoned leaders and those aspiring for more leadership opportunities. Learn how to accelerate your impact and increase your self-awareness, skills and approach in all four categories.

Module 3: Navigating Toxic Cultures & Leaders

Toxicity in the workplace affects everyone. It negatively impacts productivity, performance and morale. In a word, it makes people miserable. How can we identify it and how might we manage through toxic situations? We’ll explore how to identify signs of workplace and leadership toxicity and how to effectively navigate it as leaders.

Module 4: Emotional Intelligence 1

Emotional Intelligence is often touted as one of the most important characteristics of good leaders. Building on our EQ learnings from the Executive Presence module, we’ll go deeper on two key components of Emotional Intelligence – Self-Perception and Self-Expression – using the EQ-i 2.0 model. Gain a greater awareness of your own EQ, explore ideas to develop it, and learn why EQ is so critical for leaders, aspiring leaders and strong team players.

Module 5: Emotional Intelligence 2

In this module, we’ll focus on three additional core components of Emotional Intelligence: Interpersonal Skills, Decision-Making and Stress Management. Build awareness and greater confidence in your EQ, and explore ideas to develop your EQ in these categories.

Module 6: The Leader as Coach

The best leaders develop their people by helping them identify and build on their strengths and abilities, and then helping them move through challenges to realize their potential. Using a practical coaching model, we’ll explore the importance of inquiry, listening, and feedback, and how a coaching mindset can help you better influence and lead others.

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When: Expanding Your Influence will be offered on Wednesdays, between April 17-May 22, from 11-12:15 ET.  

Investment: $399. An Early Bird rate of $349 is available until April 1. 

For more information on Expanding Your Influence or to add your name to the list for a future cohort, contact Doreen ( or Marla (

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