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Coaching is all about you – your goals, challenges, passions and potential. If you're an executive or emerging leader wanting more, coaching can be the catalyst to propel you forward. My role is to come alongside you to help you discover your towering strengths and areas for growth, offer new perspectives on recurring issues or thought patterns that keep tripping you up, and keep you focused on your goals. You’ll grow in self-awareness and move toward outstanding performance. 

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Coaching with Marla offers you a safe place with a trusted leader who’s been in the trenches of executive leadership. A place for you to ask dangerous questions and raise unsettling doubts .... AND to respond to your own questions with bold and audacious answers. It’s a welcoming space where you can disclose your insecurities and challenges – anything that stands in the way of you flourishing in your life, work and vocation. 


What Does Coaching

Look Like?

Coaching can help you:

  • Increase self-awareness and self-leadership

  • Boost your communication skills and executive presence

  • Increase business capacity and sustainable results

  • Lead your team to maximize impact

  • Set the right goals and hold you accountable 

  • Leverage your towering strengths and open your eyes to blind spots

  • Grow in soft skills and emotional intelligence

  • Learn and practice new “muscles” of leadership

  • Transition to a more senior role

  • Deepen your sense of purpose, and your impact on the lives of others

Customized coaching packages include:

Three, 6 or 12-month packages, customized to fit your stage and needs. You’ll have the option to include assessments such as the Integrative Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence, or a 360 process that will broaden your self-awareness

I also offer a single coaching session focused on a pressing need or to review your results from the Integrative Enneagram or Emotional Intelligence assessments.​

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