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Accelerate Your Impact

If you’re ready to elevate your leadership further, Accelerate Your Impact is for you.

About the modules:

Module 1: Hiring, Firing & Performance Management

There are fundamental skills in managing people that all leaders need to do well: hiring effectively, managing staff performance, and terminating wisely and sensitively. Sadly, leaders often learn these as they go, and miss essential elements that can protect them and their organization. Based on experience and best practices, we’ll explore these essentials. 

Module 2: The Inner Critic

Each of us lives with an Inner Critic. If you’re like many people, your Inner Critic gets in the way of your living and leading well, keeps you playing small, and judges your every decision. In this module, you’ll find out what the Inner Critic is, begin to identify your own Inner Critic, consider when it’s most likely to show up for you, and learn ways to counteract its voice.

Module 3: Leading Through Change

Change is constant. Knowledgeable leaders understand the elements of change and can help guide their team through the change journey and positively impact their organization. Using a well-known change model, this session will provide an understanding of the change journey and offer powerful tools to help leaders manage through change.

Module 4: High-Impact Presentation Skills

Many people struggle to clarify their thoughts and present them in public – whether it’s a high-stakes one-on-one meeting, a group presentation, or a speech in front of thousands. We’ll explore the reasons your fears might feel paralyzing, and learn techniques to help you create a high-impact message and move your presentation skills from lackluster to exceptional.

Module 5: Building Culture

Culture is the sum of an organization’s values, means of interaction, policies, beliefs and norms. If a leader is not intentional about building a strong culture, they will ‘get what they get.’ Since leaders at every level have the opportunity to influence culture, we’ll dig into key elements for building a culture that positively impacts people and organizations.

Module 6: Curiosity & Growth Mindset

The strongest leaders are curious leaders – passionate to keep learning, to understand new perspectives from their teams and colleagues, and committed to seeing opportunities even in the midst of struggles. We’ll discuss the ways that kneejerk judgments can get in the way of curious thinking, and explore specific tools to expand your growth mindset, to ensure your biases don’t get in the way of strong leadership.

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When: Accelerate Your Impact will be offered again in Fall 2024. Dates TBD. 

Investment: $399, with an Early Bird rate of $349. 

For more information on Accelerate Your Impact or to add your name to the list for a future cohort, contact Doreen ( or Marla (

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