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Communications Coaching

Communications is an indispensable skill for leaders at all levels. In an era where information is key, leaders must have the ability to craft focussed and memorable messages that will cut through the clutter and leave a strong impression.  Strong communications skills enable leaders to:

  • Articulate a compelling vision

  • Motivate people to action

  • Help drive business results

  • Communicate well in times of crisis

  • Engage effectively with various stakeholders 


What is Communications Coaching?

Communications coaching is a customized approach to help you develop your own unique communication style – building on your existing strengths, discovering areas for growth, and empowering you to master new skills and approaches.


Depending on where the greatest opportunities lie for you, we’ll determine where we should invest our energies.

Our areas of focus can include: 

  • Building your executive presence and gravitas

  • Creating a memorable speech for a high-stakes session

  • Building your confidence as a public speaker

  • Communicating well with various stakeholder groups

  • Enhancing your day-to-day communications

  • Persuading and influencing through message and delivery

  • Learning active listening skills

  • Improving written communications

  • Synthesizing key messages  

  • Increasing confidence during conflict or crisis 

  • Ensuring your messages support the company’s strategic goals and objectives

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